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Bisti Dreaming

Bisti Dreaming

Barren and unworldly, with a wandering black moon in an ocher sky, the Bisti dreams of elemental spirits who transform its desolate tundra into a place of beauty. These dancing divas clothe the frozen badlands in greens, purples and scorched reds, and fill the sky with sapphire. Although all dreams must end, the possibility of perfection is awakened.

Partially animated and running 7.5 minutes, Bisti Dreaming was shot at the Da-Na-Zin wilderness during the magical hours of sunrise and sunset over several days in November 2008. The talented dancing divas were filmed in the Blue Room at the Santa Fe Community College and superimposed among the hoodoos of Bisti Badlands.

Bisti Dreaming continues the Guardians of Sacred Earth series, which showcases the spirit forces that pervade the many wondrous areas of the Southwest. The Guardian series seeks to foster the awareness of sacred Earth and its myriad of multi-dimensional creations.

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Visit Bosque del Apache
Visit Bosque del Apache

Bosque del Apache

Snow geese drift through the setting sky and blanket the marsh below. Single file, sandhill cranes patrol the water's edge. Weaving their snake-like necks, they look for dangers in the foggy mist. With an explosion of wings and squawks, the violet sky turns a momentary white as the birds circle to settle in again.

Established in 1939, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is the winter home for tens of thousands of geese, ducks and cranes.

These clips were shot over Thanksgiving visits from 2010 through 2013. Over the years we have been blessed with many spectacular sights. The best were combined in this 8.5 minute version for your enjoyment.

Ghost In Room 310

Ghost in Room 310

Traveling alone and staying in room 310 at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, more than one guest has reported an unexpected visitor.

No one is certain why Byron T. Mills still frequents his former room. Some say it is his guilt over plans to demolish the hotel, while others believe it is his love for the beautiful building that keeps him in the ghostly realm. So, if you stay in room 310, treat a visit from Byron as a special encounter.

This 24 minute video documents the supernatural experiences of hotel employees and patrons, including the film maker, while working or staying in room 310.

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Saving The Badlands

Join activist, writer and photographer, Mike Richie, in protecting 5 New Mexico badlands from the continued pillaging of petrified wood and other minerals, illegal woodcutting, off road vehicle destruction and over grazing.


Dunes of Doom

Based on a true tragic tale, Dunes of Doom is a 7 minute dramatic re-enactment of a Tourist who sets off alone for a morning hike in the high mountain desert. He soon becomes lost among the miles of gypsum sand dunes and quickly runs out of water. With temperatures reaching 102°, he struggles against the devastating effects of heat stroke for his survival.



Wave Wonder

An ocean of waves frozen in sands of time awaits the return of the sea.

Coyote Buttes North, famously known as 'The Wave', evokes a sense of timelessness and spectacular possibilities.


The Wave
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Video clips are for personal enjoyment only. They may not be downloaded, duplicated, republished, retransmitted, reproduced in whole or in part or otherwise used.

Heart for a Heart Picture

Heart for a Heart Trailer

Heart for a Heart

Heart for a Heart is an enchanting tale about the transformative gifts of love. The story unfolds among stunning, ancient landscapes, accompanied by the expressive musical voices of an unique collection of archetypal characters. The nascent love between a Prince and a Maiden awakens elemental Earth Guardians and stirs the jealous heart of a Dark Wizard. In an effort to destroy what he cannot possess, the Dark Wizard transforms the oasis into an inferno of liquid fire, orchestrating a struggle for survival. All turns on a simple act of kindness.

Heart for a Heart is the first installment in the Enchanted Lands series. Please contact us for a blu ray.

The festival cut of Heart for a Heart may be viewed here.

The full length version of Heat for a Heat may be viewed here.