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Denise Trochei
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Denise Trochei and Michael Snouffer
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Still Reel Productions, LLC, arose from our mutual passion for telling stories through photography and video. Our focus is to create compelling social documentaries, showcase the spirit in nature, and reveal the sacred in life.

Denise Trochei, Producer/Director/Editor

Denise's interest in the digital arts began in 1999 after receiving her first video camera and documenting personal and family histories. She is a Masters level Social Worker with 20 years experience assisting individuals and families to cope with physical and emotional challenges. Her goal is to create inspirational media around relevant social issues and life stories.

Denise blends her 20 years as a Master level social worker with her media arts degree and expertise to document relevant social issues and life stories. With her husband and partner, Michael Snouffer, they created Still Reel Productions. She is involved with all aspects of Still Reel, from concept through creation, scripting through editing, animation through promotion.

Additionally, Denise is in the process of marketing her recently-completed screenplay, Deadly Passage. It is a thriller about untimely deaths in a nursing home uncovered by a young social worker. She has started work on a new script, a futuristic apocalyptic thriller.

Michael Snouffer, Photography/Sound/Tech

Michael's start in the digital arts began in the late 1990s when he combined his lifelong love of photography with his career in computer science. Michael has worked in the IT field for more than 20 years, but he has also taught both photography and computer science at local colleges and designed and built several solar adobes in the Santa Fe area.

With Denise, his wife and partner, Michael created Still Reel Productions in 2006. He adds his strong technical and management skills, photographic vision, and wonder for the natural to Still Reel.

Michael has documented Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Southwest for the last 30 years. In the process he has climbed mountains, wandered canyons and walked ruins. He now brings that desire to capture life, light and spirit to Still Reel Productions.

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Still Reel Productions offers a wide range of professional video and photographic services from concept through completion. Please contact us for:

Documentaries, Travel, Nature, Events, Personal and Life Histories, Demo Reels and Audition Tapes, Interviews, Day-in-the-Life, Non-Profit, Training, Educational, and Streaming Web Videos.

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